Never Again Will I Settle For A Weak Love

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I refuse to let this generation distract me from the bigger picture. I refuse to let this generation and its weak moral standards deter me from the love I want and search for.

I won’t settle. I won’t water myself or my needs down because some of the undeserving, inadequate men in this generation are thirsty. I am an old soul, trapped in a world where I’m searching for my match within the last of a dying breed. I know what I want out of love and I believe the pursuit will be satisfying enough on its own once it’s all over.

I’ve done the most important kind of research – the study of myself. I’ve done a lot of soul searching on the wrong paths after granting myself time alone with my thoughts by making one too many wrong turns. I’m on the right track mentally and I guess a young woman like myself, with a mind as deep and a heart as full as mine, who knows exactly what she wants, is a gift that tends to scare weak men away. But I won’t back down or apologize. That’s right, I do know what I want and I have nothing to lose on the journey of finding it.

And if that scares a man, he should run. I won’t be offended, instead I’ll thank him for letting me know he isn’t the man for me and for making me one step closer to the man who is. Who wants a weak man anyway? Who wants a man who’s scared of the woman with patience and an understanding of what she wants out of life and out of the love she wants to stay in forever?

I need someone other than myself that I can count on, and someone who appreciates the time I spent waiting for him. I won’t let myself down by giving up on my search for that man. Never again.

Nothing worth having comes easy. I believe it and I’m so in tune with myself that I can wait for my time. I know that my true happiness relies on my patience. My future relies on me to persevere through the present with tunnel vision to my destination, and as long as the path may be, I’m happy to go down it no matter how long it may take.

I won’t let myself down. I won’t settle. Never again. I have motivation and I am hopeful about what’s waiting for me when I pass the finish line.

I will not settle for a weak love. Never again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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