The Upside Of Attending An All Girls School That No One Seems To Realize

Ask any girl from an all girls private school, and she’ll probably tell you she wishes she had the chance to go to a co-ed school, even for a part of her high school career. For me, I had attended an all-girls school for my entire education. I probably missed out on some vital social skills, like when it is or isn’t inappropriate to show off how long you’ve gone without shaving your legs, but one thing I can fully recognize is how I would never trade my schooling experience for the chance to see a cute boy walk down the hallway.

Not only is growing up the point when we’re most vulnerable, but it’s when I needed to figure out who I was and learn to deal with growing (both physically and mentally), without being self conscious. And what better way than to surround yourself with 300+ girls in the same boat as you? (Misery does love company….)

I gained a sense of empowerment, and in a time when girls are labeled for any course of action they choose, I’m glad I was able to avoid that by growing up with people that were going through the same changes, and growing up under the leadership of female-sensitive faculty.

My school was academically demanding, and I was able to make mistakes, learn from them, and all without distraction. I was able to thrive by joining clubs without being driven by stressful competition and I was able to join community service and speak to people outside my school with confidence. I was inspired and constantly driven by my educators; it was embedded in me that nothing could ever stop me from achieving my dreams, whatever they may be. Nothing was silly or stupid, and all ideas are valid.

Self-esteem is a pressing issue for every single girl, overtly confident or not. I believe that wearing uniforms every day didn’t constrict me in any way, but rather gave me confidence- it was nice to see every one else dressed exactly like me. Just one less thing to be insecure about, especially in the era of denim on denim and crimped hair, a-la Lizzie McGuire. School became more about personality, and less about who wore what when.

Now of course, the number one complaint of any girl at an all-girls school would be the lack of boys…but is that such a bad thing? I’m sure my parents were thankful I didn’t have any such distractions, and there were always opportunities to meet the opposite sex- whether it be at dances, fairs, or even joint projects with the all-boys school down the road. There was always a way to make sure you were developing all necessary social skills. And no boy drama doesn’t exactly hurt, right?

Although it took me a while to realize what was normal to discuss with friends at school isn’t so normal to discuss with friends at University or in any outside co-curriculars (note: that time of the month is usually not), I eventually found my way. And I know that if I were to have a daughter, I would want her to be able to experience the same freedom I had growing up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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