10 Things All Girls Who Can’t Cook Understand

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1. Being asked “can you cook?” and having to lie about it so they don’t think you’re not wifey enough. “I can cook, I just don’t have time” …sure, yeah.

2. Having a somewhat sassy response to those that ask you the forbidden question. “Maybe I can cook, but can you build a house?”

3. Potlucks aren’t your forte. You usually supply drinks, chips, or pre-made chip dip. Lavish!

4. Deli meats suffice as meals, right?

5. And cheese and crackers. That’ll hold you over just enough.

6. The frozen section is where you party. Frozen dinners keep your freezer full and your fridge empty.

7. The most labor you do in the kitchen happens annually, and it’s either putting fries or Pillsbury cookie dough in the oven. Easy-peasy (sorta).

8. Your food groups can be divided into the following- noodles (of the microwaveable variety), cereal, and sandwiches (if you’re feeling fancy).

9. Sometimes you go to the grocery store, and buy fruit or veggies out of guilt, only to have them reach their expiry date sooner than you expected. And then you have to deal with the guilt of wasting that money. It’s not easy being a broke student, k?!

10. You’re nicer to people that can cook. This may happen subconsciously, but it happens. Extra bonus points to you if your roommate can cook. It’s like being saved from a sinking ship when they offer you any sort of food. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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