People Are Beautiful

Flickr / Soe Lin
Flickr / Soe Lin

People are beautiful. The fact that we can come from different times, different places, different parents, different experiences, different homes, and different walks of life – yet our trajectory still has us ending up in the same space is something so mysterious to the mind that goes beyond coincidence.

We work together, we play together. We walk the same streets; go to the same restaurants and cafes. We order the same meals and drinks that we are restricted to with within the menus we are given. We earn and spend our hard earned or not-so-hard-earned money in the same spaces and places. How we earn it is beside the point.

We get ready in the morning for what the day has to bring. Some people’s mornings mean 4:00 am, others at 6:30 am, others at 9:00 am, while others mean 12:00 pm. But to each their own; for each one person’s meaning of “morning” isn’t more or less than the next’s persons so long as each is gearing up for what that day will bring: excitement, or pain, or love, or lust, or pain, or guilt, or a sheer harmony of it all.

We are people. We hold certain universal traits that come alive when things like music and art come alive through us. We are most honest when we are most vulnerable, and it is in these invisible and imperceptible things we feel the most vulnerable. We are people and we are beautiful. We are beautiful. And we are people. We couldn’t do any of this without each other.

So let’s just take a minute and appreciate that the person to your left as you’re reading this, you don’t know what they’ve been through (or maybe you do). Even if you do, understand that you only know what they want you to know, just like you only tell what you want others to know. Now understand this about the person that is to your right as you read this. Our stories are the most sacred thing we have. More sacred than the life we have chosen to lead, or the career we chose, or the people we chose to love. Our stories are ours to tell or not tell, and everyone has theirs. So understand that despite the flaws or the misperceptions, people are beautiful.

We are beautiful. It’s not relative or comparable to him or her. Human beings are beautiful. People are beautiful. We are beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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