My Love, I Promise We Won’t Be Like The Others

Josh Felise
Josh Felise

I’m not saying we won’t have fights. Let’s be real, we annoy each other so often. And I’m not saying I won’t be crying out of the blue or I won’t curse when I’m angry. You like the smell of the salty sea and I love the smell of the freshly cut grass. I know I interrupt you when you’re talking and you know I hate when you get technical with me.

I’m not stressing about being like the moon and the sun, even though I will never understand your joy of laying in the sun. But I’ll always come with you, even if most of the time my skin will get burnt. You love the smell of the sun on my skin. And I love your smile. Especially when it’s hidden behind your beard.

I’m not afraid to admit, with us, everything is a compromise. But we’ll enjoy it because we would never do anything more than the other one is ready to accept. It’s the best deal we didn’t do, but still we are following it.

I’m not implying I won’t make you upset just before making you laugh like crazy. You can take a defeat from time to time, same how I can get used with not talking every single day. You’ll feel you had enough of me, just before you’ll put your arm around me just to make sure I keep feeling safe in your arms.

I’m not promising any of these. I’m just saying you won’t see me leaving with the first fight we have. You won’t have to guess my words with silly hints. I’m not going to live our life through others approval. You won’t see me blaming you for my nonsense. I’m not going to disappear in the middle of the night leaving nothing else than my fragrance on your pillow.

You won’t regret meeting me. I won’t complain about my happiness.

We won’t end up like others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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