I Want You To Lie To Me

Caroline Veronez

Tell me it gets easier.
Tell me my skin won’t ache anymore.
Tell me everything will be okay even if it won’t be.
I know it won’t be,
But could you please just lie to me?

Tell me stories of us in the future,
Lies masquerading to be the truth.
Tell me everything we can do together.
Tell me about your feelings for me that I know aren’t true.

But please lie to me.
Lie to me like your life depended on it.
Lie to me like you ​want ​ to hurt me.
Like you ​want​ to break me apart.
Like you ​want​ to leave me in pieces.
Like you ​want ​to destroy a work of art.

Give me a reason to hate you.
A reason to let you go and move on with my life.
I’m having a really hard time finding reasons too.
I don’t want to let you go unless I absolutely have too.
I don’t want to let whatever we have die,
Unless that’s all it has left to do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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