How To Cope with Loneliness

When friends scatter after graduation, you’ll probably find that you spend more time by yourself. It may take a while to reestablish a solid social circle, so in the meantime, why not cultivate some good old-fashioned self-reliance?

Do stuff only you care about.

You know how when you’re hanging with other people, you’ll want to do something kinda weird, and you’ll cautiously say, “oh, this is interesting,” but no one else thinks so, so you don’t do it? Like maybe they shoot down your idea to make ice cream with a different pickled vegetable every week? That never happens when you’re on your own.

Meet your new best friend, the internet.

The web is totally not just for weirdo loners anymore. You can find promising restaurants, shops, art galleries, volunteer opportunities, outdoor activities, groups, friends, and dates really easily these days. No matter where you are, there’s no way you can’t find something to do. Or you can just watch old TV shows on Netflix. Nobody’s judging.

Find cheap tickets for basically anything.

Single tickets are almost always less expensive and available than multiple seats together. So go ahead and indulge in that plane ride, sporting event, opera, or public execution without worrying about breaking the bank.

Fill the void.

As you grow more adventurous in your solo excursions, sometimes you’ll notice the absence of company, like while waiting for service at a restaurant or before the lights dim at a movie. So bring along something to occupy your attention during downtimes. An intense book you’ve been putting off is great, as are journals or sketchbooks. And since these objects will be tied to good memories, they’ll take on a little extra personal meaning.

Don’t feel awkward.

At times, you may think people are giving you odd looks for being alone where that isn’t the norm. Okay, first of all, they probably don’t even notice you exist. And second, even if for some reason they do think you’re weird, who cares? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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