5 Underrated Bands And Musicians

1. Prince

Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and an actor. Although I personally think that he deserves more recognition. As a coeval of Michael Jackson, his achievements were eclipsed by Jackson’s. Ask anyone : have you heard of Michael Jackson? It’s almost as obvious as asking have you heard of Jesus Christ? But I don’t think so that many people would mention at least two Prince’s songs ( let’s remind that he has released 25 albums).

My Favourites: “Cream”, “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”, “Purple Rain”

2. Therion

Now for something worlds apart from Prince — namely a symphonic metal band from Sweden.

Although a pioneer in this genre, (they released “Theli” one year before “Angels Fall First by Nightwish) they’re less known than bands like Within Temptation, Nightwish or Epica. Maybe because they’re less approachable and band members are not so eager to give interviews. Anyway, “Theli” and other albums still sound fresh and amazing and are must-have items for symphonic metal listeners.

My Favourites: “Birth of Venus Illegitima”, “Siren of the Woods”, “Wine of Aluqah”

3. Raised by Swans

I’m almost sure you haven’t heard of this band. I’ve discovered them a year ago thanks to a movie called Chloe. They are amazing, I love especially the vocals by Eric Howden. The lyrics are melancholic, melodies are beautiful and sad, both their albums are perfect for long winter nights.

My favourites: “We Were Never Young”, “Longer Shadows, Shorter Days”, “Violet Light”, “Scent”


The only things Michael Hutchence had in excess were talent, charisma and sex appeal. He also had a strange feature: he looked incredibly good in really ridiculous outfits (check out “Never Tear Us Apart” live unplugged when he’s wearing something that resembles pyjama). After Michael’s suicide, sadly they couldn’t get back to their previous glory.

My favourites: “Suicide Blonde”, “Disappear”, “Never Tear Us Apart”)

5. Supergrass

Cited as a Britpop band, in my humble opinion they have much more to offer than other bands. I was outraged when I saw that someone described them as overrated! I like their diversity (change from “I Should Coco” to “Road to Rouen” is immense). And let’s not forget about their image (By some, Gaz was called a monkey or Grinch, I would say that he looks like a real man!).

Great melodies, characteristic vocals and their being laid back on stage combines into a great whole. The band members are one of such people you would like to be best friends with (watch “Home Movie” and you will know what I’m talking about)

My favourites: “Sun Hits The Sky”, “Wait For The Sun”, “Low C” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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