6 Things About Introverts Most People Don’t Understand

No, this is not one of those introvert-supremacist articles. Actually, I’m probably not a pure introvert. A lot of people would actually be surprised to find that I am one. But I just have these thoughts and tendencies that I believe I can only credit to my introversion. I’m not saying that extroverts do not feel these; but I think, when these are all put together, they fit in the mind of an introvert.

1. We prefer to be alone – at times.

It doesn’t mean that we’re alone, we’re lonely. Sometimes we just really prefer being in solitude. It gives us time to think, and allows us to enjoy things at our own pace (and not think of how peculiar others may find it).

2. We have this fear that we are annoying others.

What if the person actually doesnโ€™t want to talk with us? Or really does not give a crap about what it is that we will say (theyโ€™re not significant anyway). Maybe he/she is just too courteous to offend our feelings and tell us.

3. We don’t have much to say.

Another reason why we’re afraid of starting conversations is that we’re afraid we won’t be able to keep it going. We’re t e r r i b l e at small talk. We can try, but it’ll just come off as mechanical and scripted. But if you manage to tap on our interests, we actually might just click and keep things going.

4. We would rather be approached, than to approach.

That other quiet person beside us? We’d actually like to talk to him. Sometimes it’s just lonely, and we wouldn’t want anyone to feel that bad too. Except you know, we are bad at small talk. And maybe he’s actually okay with being quiet all to himself (also, see #2). So if you actually start talking to us, weโ€™re usually grateful. But sorry if our conversation suddenly ends with awkward silence.

5. We actually would like to be outspoken.

To extroverts, we actually admire your guts. Well, maybe you could moderate it a bit. We’re trying to come out of our shells, trust us. But it really takes time and effort, mostly on our part.

6. We do a lot of mental murder.

We are not exactly expressive– at least vocally– of our feelings. So mostly, we just do it in our minds. There are really just people who were born to annoy the hell out of us, perhaps. Most of the time, we don’t care. But we do have our limits. And when we reach that, we just unlimitedly cuss at that person in our minds. In the extremes, we even commit a mental massacre. But donโ€™t worry, you probably wonโ€™t know about it.

Despite all these things, please do not think that weโ€™re scary. Don’t assume that we’re weak, either. Also, it doesnโ€™t mean that weโ€™re introverts, we canโ€™t be friends with extroverts. We wouldnโ€™t mind taking people by surprise, too. TC mark


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