Let Go Of Your Mediocre Life To Find One That’s Truly Extraordinary

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Something that I’ve found myself doing over the years is holding on to things for far too long, it can be friendships, relationships, expectations, memories and even material possessions too. I think that we can develop a habit of collecting things because we have a problem with letting go and that we’re too afraid to leave a space in our lives that we might not be able to fill. But as you get older you start to value what you have in your life differently, and you see the potential of each new space that is created when you choose to let go of anything mediocre that comes your way.

If you spend your life holding onto things that are just adequate, then how are you ever going to find the extraordinary?

Food is perishable but many other possessions we hold onto are not, take your clothes for example how many of the items in your wardrobe do you wear, and how many are you just keeping because you haven’t found anything better yet. This is just a tangible example of how so many of us live our lives, we hold onto mediocre because we’re afraid of what it will feel like to dispose of all the things that we should be letting go.

We’re OK with clearing out food because we know when it runs out of value and we can no longer use it, but all of the other aspects of our lives don’t have a ‘best by date’ on them and so we hold on indefinitely not knowing when to get rid of them. But you should know that you don’t have to keep everything and everyone who comes into your life and that you deserve the very best of all that life brings. The best relationships, the best friendships the best memories and the best experiences are out there, but you have to make a little room in your life for them first.

Recently I’ve become inspired by the minimalistic lifestyle and I’m finally learning that less is more.

So much of our lives are spent searching trying to fill our homes with objects or our lives with relationships we hope will bring us fulfilment. But I believe the answer to all of this searching is that less is more. The less we have the more we appreciate what we have already got, and the less time we spend wasting on people that don’t deserve us the more energy we have for those meaningful relationships.

Instead of collecting learn to treasure, appreciate and find contentment with what you already have.

January flew by and before we knew it Spring had arrived, so it’s the perfect time to take stock of what you have collected for yourself. Have a ‘Spring Clean’ in your home and your wardrobe but most importantly of the people you surround yourself with. Ask yourself this ‘Do they really make me happy?’. Only keep what you need or what brings value to your life. Don’t hold onto things that don’t make you feel good, clothes, furniture, relationships…because life’s too short for that. And you can throw things away without always needing to replace them too.

Declutter your life and you’ll soon see that everything becomes so much clearer. Choosing to keep only the best of what you have will set a standard for everything else that comes your way and instead of collecting mediocre you’ll hold onto only the finest of what life brings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Someone once said, “To acquire knowledge, one must study. But to acquire wisdom one must observe,” I believe that a great amount of wisdom comes from living and the lessons life itself teaches us.

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