14 Types Of People Who Need To Get The F*ck Out The Club

Underneath all of Lil Jon’s screaming, he actually taught us some valuable lessons. One of my favorites is that people who aren’t “Throwing Up,” need to get the fuck out the club. Here are a few other people who need to do the same.

1. People who take their shoes off. Why, and I mean why on earth do you think it’s okay to walk around in a probably herpes-affected environment without shoes? I don’t care if you feel you’re about to break your damn feet, you keep those shoes on. Or get the fuck out the club.

2. People who wear flip-flops to go out. I don’t even know how people are allowed to get anywhere in society wearing flip-flops. White men between the ages of 21 and 36 are especially guilty of that. Stop that shit or get the fuck out the club.

3. People who scream when they see their friends. It’s pretty amazing that in a place that is loud enough to cause you serious long-term hearing damage, that there is always a bunch of usually girls screeching loud enough to be heard over the music. Take that elsewhere or get the fuck out the club.

4. People who spend their entire night out on the phone. You got dressed, put your face on, and left your house so you could be on your phone? If you’re not planning on even trying to have a good time, get the fuck out the club.

5. People who mistake the club for their personal bedroom. No one wants to see you having sex on the dance floor. NO ONE. Get a room or get the fuck out the club.

6. People who spend the entire time complaining about how loud the music is. You now that you’re at a club right? Just get the fuck out the club.

7. People who are always bothering the DJ about what to play and how he or she needs to play their song. If you want to listen to your own playlists, either stay at home or get the fuck out the club.

8. People who don’t have the ability to socially drink and have a good time without getting into petty fights, getting blackout drunk, or puking everywhere. Seriously take your ass home and get the fuck out the club.

9. People who spill their drinks everywhere. The rule is simple: First spill – whatever, everyone spills in a crowded place. Second spill – be more careful next time. Third spill – get the fuck out the club.

10. People who talk about how pretentious clubs are and how much they don’t they “don’t like clubs” and yet here they are at the club. Who exactly do you think you’re fooling? If you don’t like it that much, get the fuck out the club.

11. People who don’t bring any money to buy themselves drinks and all but prostitute themselves all night trying to get someone to buy them a drink. Some of you ladies are guilty of this on the regular. If you can’t afford the drinks, get the fuck out the club!

12. People who have BO and for some reason simply can’t go to the restrooms and take care of that. That’s why there are attendants at these places. Either get your odor together or get the fuck out the club.

13. People who tell the bouncer, “Do you know who I am?” or some form of that. I mean if there is one sure-fire way you are definitely not getting in or definitely getting thrown out, it’s by pretending to be a somebody. If they knew who you were, you would probably in. At this point, might as well get the fuck out the club.

14. People who hate on clubs knowing the only reason why they hate on them is because they have to either wait in line forever or just never get in at all. I mean how are you going to hate from the outside when you can’t even get in? LOL. I guess at this point you have no choice but still, get the fuck out the club! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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