The 3 Main Pieces Of Advice I Give All My Friends Going Through Breakups

Felix Russel-Saw

When your friends ask you for relationship advice and you’ve been single all your life.

I have been single all my life and I’ve always been curious why my friends always ask me for relationship advices when I’ve never even been in a romantic relationship with anyone. I know I had boyfriends but they were all just swimming around like Dory in my wild and deep imagination as if they can ever reciprocate my feelings.

Anyway these are the usual relationship advices I give to my friends who are in a relationship and fall out of the relationship:

1. Telling them everything is going to be okay because “IF YOU’RE MEANT TO BE YOU’RE MEANT TO BE”

As a Christian, I don’t want to leave these words empty. I know it’s a bit cliché, but I strongly believe that God knows our deepest desires and He knows what’s best for us! So, if you don’t end up with the man/woman of your dreams, just have faith honey because the journey is just starting. The person who you had a relationship and ended up breaking up with has come into your life for either two reasons:

a) God wants to focus on your personal growth (emotionally, spiritually, financially (yes babe, money!), and intellectually) #BeMature #BeReady #BePrepared

b) God is teaching about the importance of waiting and letting go! Don’t be in hurry in terms of being with a particular person because it just shows what you’re most dependent on, which are your emotions. Dear, God respects our emotions but also learn how to leave it up to Him because Love ain’t no game, I mean it wasn’t for Him when He died for us on the cross! He wants to teach you what TRUE LOVE is by having faith in Him. He desires for us not to be alone!

2. Saying something like “PAIN DEMANDS TO BE FELT”

Hahaha why does this sound so familiar?!

I can never feel what my friends are feeling who ends up in a break-up but I do believe that it truly hurts because somehow you can see it from their tears that they felt like they’ve given their everything to the other person involved. I can never question whether they’ve truly loved that person but I guess that is what love can do to us. We want to give our all to that person.

This actually reminds me of Jesus, when he humbled himself and allowed himself to experience pain for us even if He didn’t have to. He lived a life loving and selflessly serving people despite not receiving the love He deserves. It’s the kind of love we need, a love that is selfless, a love that doesn’t expect anything in return, a love that experience pain but uses it for a bigger or meaningful purpose.

3. Last but not the least, the very thing I always say to my friends is that “THERE IS NO AMOUNT OF RELATIONSHIP IN THIS WORLD THAT COULD EVER SATISFY YOUR NEED FOR LOVE, YOU CAN ONLY FIND IT IN JESUS”

The very first question one should ask himself/herself before entering in a relationship is where does Love come from in the first place. This is the part wherein I would share my personal testimony on how the Lord has changed my life entirely and how He has changed my view about what it really means to love others and to be loved. To encounter Jesus is a personal decision in your heart and if you allow Him to be in your life, and make Him your number one, then dear believe me, by the time you get there, you wouldn’t even realize you’ve waited that long to be truly joyful. My ultimate joy comes from my relationship with Christ and of course I am not saying I’m pretty much happy being single, but I know God and He knows my deepest desire to be with my God’s Best if ever I do have one. But slowly in my walk with the Lord, my number one desire is to be with Him, and wherever he leads me, I will follow and hold on to His promises that I’ll be able to experience His love in everything. You see people from this world even our loved ones will always end up disappointing us at one point but God never will for He will direct us to a path of growth, love, forgiveness, joy, contentment and most importantly TRUTH!


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