Lord, Please Guide Me Down The Right Path


Things have been hard, Lord. I’ve struggled to gain footing as I’ve moved along the path you’ve lain out for me.

Some days, I feel so lost and so alone that I don’t think I can stay on it.

Then, I look up. I see the light you created, the leaves you designed, the hope you profess, and I move forward.

I know somewhere deep in my soul that I just might need a little more than that. Maybe I shouldn’t just look up to you in the times I feel I can’t move on my own.

More than anything, I need you to overtake me, my life, my path, my everything.

I want to be so deep in your love that I no longer know which way is up. In that moment of being completely lost, you will guide me exactly where you want to take me. Where you need to take me.

You know my path better than I. At this point I believe that the only way for me to get there is to let every earthly belief about my life go and give it all to you.

Only then can I invite you in to guide me down the crazy, unseen path that is my life.

Together we will make a beautiful path. We will go to phenomenal places and take the world by storm.

Right now, I’m giving you my hand. I’m begging you, in the beautiful words of Hillsong United, to “take me deeper than my feet could ever wander.”

I want to feel like I have absolutely no control in this world, because all of it has been passed on to you. I want to trust you deeper and fuller than I’ve ever been able to before.

I know then that I’ll find places that will light a fire within me. It’s the kind of fire that can only be lit when there’s an overflowing passion to burn.

Take me to the places I can’t find on my own.

Take me where you’ve dreamed for my feet to touch. Only then will I be made into the person you’ve designed me to be and find strength on the hardest of days.

Then, all this confusion and this insecurity and this wonder will create something beautiful that only you can fully understand.

With your hand in my hand, I am more than ready to go to the places I’ve never been before.

I am finally ready to completely trust the journey you have placed me on.

So let’s go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

A small-time blogger with big-time dreams just making it a day at a time.

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