You Are So Magnificently Flawed


If you haven’t heard today that you are perfect, then I’m not going to be the one to tell you that. Honestly, you should never hear that word. You don’t deserve to be called perfect.

Being perfect just seems like this impossible feat that we constantly fight for our whole lives. And who likes to fight a losing battle?

Instead of being perfect, you are something so much more: You are so magnificently flawed.

See, every person out here is different, just so different, that defining someone or something as perfect seems to take from that originality.

Instead of shaming that, we should celebrate it. Each of us is so different. Each of us is so magnificent.

I know it’s hard to admit that you’re flawed. Being strong, being without weakness, hiding our quirks is almost the norm.

But it should not be. You should be proud of every single “flaw” you have, both physical and mental, because they create and weave you together as the extraordinary person you are.

I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful and amazing that makes you.

No single person is made the way you are. No one has the same mix of flaws, weaknesses, and strengths. Revel in that fact. Revel in it like the beauty of the first calm snow of the season.

Let it settle on your skin as you admire the originality of each flake. Original, just like you.

You will always be something extraordinary, something to be admired, but that’s only because you are not perfect.

If there was such a thing as perfect, wouldn’t we lose our originality? If that was our goal, we would lose ourselves to fit into a cookie cutter.

By accepting yourself for all of the originally amazing things that make you who you are, you become something to be admired. You become yourself.

You are so magnificently flawed, you beautiful soul, so sought after and loved exactly as you are. No other person can shed a light on you.

And I never, ever want you to forget that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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