The First Scene Of ‘Spiral: From The Book Of Saw’ Has Been Released On Youtube

The release of Spiral: From the Book of Saw is upcoming, and we can’t wait to see what sick and twisted shit is about to go down. Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, and Max Minghella star in the revival of the Saw franchise.

From the trailer alone, we learn that Rock is a detective whose officers have all been abducted by a Jigsaw copycat. He has to team up with his father, played by Jackson, to find the killer before the whole police squad dies. It would seem hard to solve a case with only a few detectives.

The specific attack of law enforcement gives a clue that this “game” is very deliberate and very personal. Fans of the franchise have hypothesized that the copycat killer could be a woman due to the pitch of the murder’s distorted voice. Jigsaw’s traps were set for people who he deemed took life or others for granted but always provided a way out, if the victim was willing to complete the gruesome task. On the other hand, this copycat killer seems to have no mercy. There is a scene of Rock handcuffed to a pipe while holding a rusty saw, paying homage to one of Saw’s most famous traps, but due to the targeted nature of the murders, fans are speculating that this part of the franchise will be more psychologically thrilling than simple life or death situations.

Though we still have to wait for a little longer for the movie to be streaming, the first scene of Spiral has been released on Youtube:

Instead of a doll, the first victim is kidnapped by a person in a very realistic pig mask who then appears on the screen in front of him. The message indicates that he has been trapped because of the lies that he tells on the stand to put away innocent people. This first scene sheds light on a potential theme of anti-law enforcement throughout the movie, which is now in theaters and should be streaming soon.

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