6 Things I Learned My First Semester Of College


1. It’s OKAY to cry.

You will cry. Hard. You will cry in your cubby in the library, you will cry in your car, you will cry in your shower so your roommate doesn’t see you. Sometimes you may cry because of homesickness or bad grades, and sometimes you may cry for no reason at all. But it will happen, and when it does-let it. There is nothing better than shedding a few tears after a long day of classes and studying (while being hungover of course).

2. Not Everyone Was Raised the Same as You.

You will meet so many different kinds of people, from different places around the world. From different states, countries, cultures, religions, and lifestyles. Don’t expect everyone to be on the same page as you. Appreciate your background and learn to accept where others come from. Meeting new people and learning about others can be so beneficial and can help you develop a diverse personality.

3. The Gym is Awesome.

The gym is only awesome because it’s free. What happens inside of gyms is what really blows. But take advantage of what your overpriced tuition covers. Your health is truly the only think you are ever able to control. Also, you definitely want to be THAT person that came back from Fall Semester looking smokin’ hot. So put that beer down and hit the treadmill!

(But totally pick up that beer again later tonight)

4. Blood is Thicker Than Water

At the end of the day, your family are the most important people to call and say goodnight. Your friends have no ties with you. They are able to leave your life just as easy as they walked into it. It’s the people that share the same blood as you that will never leave your side. Call your parents, your grandparents, and that random Aunt who is still single even though she is 46 years old. They would all appreciate a call from you once in a while.

5. When in Doubt, Ramen it Out

Oh? Haven’t eaten all day because you’ve gotten sick of eating the same Dining Hall food everyday? Can’t go out and buy food because (surprise) you have no money? That’s right. Dig up that old bag of Ramen Noodles that has been sitting at the back of your shelf since you moved into your dorm. Microwave that baby until it is sizzling hot so you are guaranteed to burn your lip. And viola. You have a gourmet soup.

But most of all….

6. Take Opportunities

Take all opportunities, chances, and possibilities college gives you. Join clubs, student organizations, even a Fraternity or a Sorority. Be active. Be known. Make a difference. What you put into college, is the experience you will get out of it. Four years can fly by so fast, and end before you even know it. So get out of the dorm! Breathe in the fresh air of new beginnings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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