8 Things Mets Fans Know About Love And Relationships

It ain’t easy being a Mets fan, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being a Mets fan is a significant part of who I am, and as such, I’ve learned a great deal about life, more specifically about people and relationships, from watching the New York Mets play baseball. Here are 8 things all Mets fans know about love and relationships.


1. Mets fans can look beyond just looks or popularity.

According to a recent report by Facebook published by the New York Times “The Yankees are the preferred team everywhere in New York City, and nearly everywhere in the U.S. over the Mets.” The New York Mets and the faithful who root for them are a small group in New York City. If the Yankees are the talk of the town, then the Mets are the ugly step sisters to the Yankee’s Cinderella. But that what makes being a Mets fan fun os that we’re not necessarily attracted to Cinderella — we see something in the Mets that others do not, and as Mets fans, we find ourselves drawn to people who aren’t the richest, the most popular, or prettiest girls, but rather we have the ability to see and appreciate the people who are often overlooked. We see and value things in people that others may not notice.

2. You gotta believe!

Every season begins with new hope and optimism regarding the New York Mets. “You gotta believe” is every Met’s fan’s motto in April, because we as fans are excited about the possibilities and the potential of our Mets. With every new person we become attracted to, the focus on the possibilities and potentials of a relationship overwhelms us with joy, almost to the point where we become blind to any warning signs or flaws.

3. We are used to disappointment.

Much like how every season begins with hope and optimism for Mets fan, each season ends with disappointment. You’re bummed when your team  or S.O. doesn’t live up to your expectations and potential. Maybe you expected or demanded too much? Either way, Mets fans are no stranger to things not going as plan, either on the field, or with others.

4. We don’t listen to the haters.

Everyone says they suck, but you don’t care, you love them anyway. ESPN can predict anything they want, or your S.O. has a bad reputation or history, but you always think to yourself, “but those were other seasons, and other people, this year it will be different” Hey, oftentimes those analysts are right, or you should have listened to your best friend’s warnings, but Mets fan don’t take too much stock in other people’s opinions and much rather find out for themselves, first hand, whether or not someone is worth their time.

5. Patience is Key.

The Mets frustrate you all season, and you’ll get mad, but never to the point where you would walk away from your team. The Mets have taught me how to be patient with people and relationships, and how to ride the (frequent) lows; cause no matter how many stupid plays or errors they make, they’re still your Mets. Likewise, no matter how hard a S.O. will annoy or irk you, you’ll always tolerate it, because that’s what Mets fans do.

6. You’re loyal…to a fault.

The Mets don’t treat you right. You’re always the one to give and give your time and love, and for what in return? Nothing. No pennants, no playoff push, nada.  But you keep sticking around because you are loyal…to a fault. The same applies to Mets fans and relationships. You keep trying to walk away but ….

7. They Keep Bringing you back.

You would want more than anything to just leave the Mets or a failing situation with a S.O., but then David Wright hits a walk off home run, or the Mets win 3 in a row, or she finally texts you first and you’re hooked again. It’s a cycle that seems to never end, and illustrates the emotional rollercoaster ride that comes with being in a relationship, and following the Mets.

8. It’s all worth it!

When things finally work out, the victory will be sweet, and the frustrations worth it!

One of these years the Mets are going to surprise people, one day a person would surprise us and the hardship will be worth it.  But we gotta believe, and stick with it, cause while no one might believe in us at the start of the season, they’ll be rooting for us by the end!  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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