6 Things Only Girls With Bangs Can Completely Understand


A few years ago, I decided that it was time for a change in my life. Nothing too drastic, but definitely something noticeable. Who knew that cutting bangs would not only change the way I looked in the mirror, but also would change my identity as a whole. This being said, there are some things that only people with bangs would understand.

1. Suddenly people will remember who you are just because you have bangs.

Forget the days of going unseen and of feeling invisible, because when you cut bangs there is literally nowhere to hide. Us girls with bangs have probably suffered through more awkward encounters than anyone else. I cannot tell you how many times a person has given me a friendly hello because we had met before; I don’t remember them but they sure remember me.

2. You will be referred to as the one “with the bangs” for as long as you have them.

When my friends reference me in a conversation with someone who doesn’t really know me, very often that person will respond with “Oh, the one with the bangs?” Yep. That’s me! I don’t have a name or personality or anything, just bangs!!

3. If my bangs are not on point, I am not on point.

It’s like my bangs are such a prominent feature that they alone determine whether I look good or bad on a given day.

4. I now think I can cut hair.

Only people with bangs can relate to this because bangs require constant maintenance.   It’s like every 3 weeks I become a hair stylist because my bangs start getting in my eyes and who has time to go to a salon? I’d like to think us girls with bangs have all experienced a time where what was supposed to be a trim quickly and tragically turned into cutting too much hair off and having to wear a hat for a few weeks. Or maybe that was just me.

5. Think I have good skin? Sike!

Bless the days I have a huge pimple on my forehead but you can’t see it because I have bangs. Bangs = #1 concealer.

6. Without bangs, I look like a completely different person.

Whenever I want to hide, all I have to do is pin the bangs back and suddenly I am a completely different person. It truly is amazing the difference some strands of hair laid on my head make. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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