You Are Not Too Much, They Just Aren’t Ready To Be Enough

Never settle for someone who tells you “you’re too much.” Never let them insinuate you are a burden. Never let them make you think you take up too much energy in this world, that there isn’t enough space for you.

“You’re too much” is a divine reminder to walk away. This connection isn’t meant for you. It is a reminder that you were never too much, they just aren’t ready to be enough.

“You’re too much” are words intended to make turn the powerful into the powerless, words intended to lessen your worth, words intended to control you, to shrink you.

But how do you control stardust? How do you control the ancestral energy of a supernova? We are all born from stars destined to birth universes. What entitles them to dull your light in order to brighten theirs? What makes their light more worthy?

Love is a galactic force. In love, we find brightness and warmth. We do not see flaws but opportunities to grow together. We find embraces that envelop us in security and warmth. We feel safe and whole. We know we are meant for more, and we should be encouraged to grow into it. We should not be encouraged to stay within certain bounds but rather expand in perpetuity.

“You’re too much,” though, is a gateway drug. It seduces us into the believing we cannot take up space in this world. It leverages the intoxicating desire to be someone’s everything to reduce us down to nothing.

You can never be too much, though. Events from eons before you were even a glimmer in the history of the universe transpired just so perfectly to bring you to where we are today. People loved, people cried, and people lived in ways just perfect enough to bring you to this world.

The universe needed your spirit. The universe needed your energy. The universe knows you are perfect because it created you in its image. You are light and love and goodness.

You are not too much, dear. They are just not ready to be enough.

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