If You Want To Grow, You Have To Move On

Dear woman: You are faithful, strong, and unyielding in your belief that love can conquer all the adversity you might face. Your deep commitment to every person, every job, and every goal you set your mind to shines with the fury of untamed wildfire.

But wildfires eventually burn out when they can’t find renewal in the world around them. That is my fear for you. In your current environment, you are giving all of your energy, love, and compassion without reciprocation. And while that is admirable, it is unsustainable. To invest so deeply in that which doesn’t serve you can only result in bitterness and enervation.

You shouldn’t just be providing for the needs of others, you should be pursuing those things that create a spark in your heart and ignite your soul. You should be so engulfed in fiery passion for what you do and who you speak with each day that the flicker of fire dances within your eyes and your very presence innately warms any room you enter. When that fire burns so deeply, so effortlessly, with you, that’s when you know your energy is sustainable.

Dear woman: You deserve so much more than a feeling of just surviving. You seek joy in each day, and even when it’s hard to find, you create light out of embers. Still, you deserve so much more. You were made for so much more.

So venture forth from your environment which you have yet to recognize as a prison. The open freedom of the world around you may leave you feeling lost, but as you look back on what you’ll leave behind, you’ll realize you had nothing more than prison walls masquerading as comfort.

And as you march on, moving further into uncharted territory, let that light that burns so brightly within you guide you towards bliss. Dear woman: You were meant for great things. You were meant for light. You were meant for love. Go forth from where you are and uncover all you can be.

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