If Your Significant Other Attempts To Control These 5 Things, They Aren’t The One For You

Asaf R
Asaf R

Those who say that being in a relationship is easy are completely wrong and most like either, A.) wear the pants in the relationship or B.) are completely unaware that they have zero say in absolutely anything when it comes to their relationship. Trust me, love can be blinding; it’s easy to be person B.

So, if you are person B listen to this; being in a relationship is not meant to always be easy. Disagreements from time to time are a good thing. With that being said, if your SO is controlling your every move, it is time to sit down and reevaluate the relationship.

1. Who you hang out with.

Your friends are YOUR friends. Your SO does not need to like them, or hang out with them, or be friends with them. Yes, it is nice to have the approval of your friends from your SO, but you SO should never be preventing you from being with people that you want to be around. Sometimes the your SO may really know what is best for you, and know that your friends really aren’t your friends. But regardless that is for you to learn on your own.

2. What you wear.

Biggest no in my book. A SO that will not walk out of the house or anywhere in public with you if you are wearing something that they do not approve of is not the SO for you. If I want to go to dinner in baggy sweat pants and no bra on, I will. Not your choice pal. If I want to wear a shirt that is a little more on the low cut side than not, I’m going to. If your SO does not approve of what you feel comfortable in, you have a serious problem on your hands.

3. What you post on social media.

Your name, your social media. That. Is. It. You SO should never be dictating what you can and can not post. Not about the duck face selfies? Oh well. Tired of all the food pictures. That sucks. Your social media is suppose to be all about you. You don’t have a shared account with your SO right? Probably not, so you should not be told what you can and can not post!

4. What time to be home, when to leave the bar, how to spend your weekends…and anything else along these lines.

Being in a relationship does not mean that your life plans stop for someone else. No one needs their SO to be their second or third or fourth parents. It is actually completely unattractive when your SO tries to be your Mommy or Daddy. It is your life; no one should be telling you how to live.

5. What career move/ job you should take.

Again, your life is your own. Your SO should never be making major life decisions for you or even attempting to control the decisions you make when it comes to your life. A career move is a huge choice and at the end of the day, you have to be making a choice that makes you happy. Yes. Your SO can share their opinions and try to guide you in the right direction, but like anything else the choice should ultimately be yours.

Relationships are hard. There are always going to be bumps in the road. However, no relationship should be a controlling one. Whether you wear the pants or not in the relationship, no SO should ever be trying to control you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Alexis DiZenzo is a journalism student. She has a love for fashion, beauty, and pop culture and a knowledge of relationships due to her many failed attempts at one.

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