An Open Letter To President-Elect Donald Trump

Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore

Dear Mr. Trump,

You did it, you proved us all wrong. You said that you would win, that you were leading in all the polls, that people loved you, and we didn’t listen. Over the past year we watched you on TV spew hate and spin fearful rhetoric against those unlike yourself, and we laughed. I thought higher of the American people in this election, and I was sure that Hilary Clinton would be our first woman president. I never believed on election night I would be watching helplessly from a bar stool as you won state after state, including my home state of Michigan; but, there I was.

The atmosphere in that bar had begun cheerful, looking forward to celebrating the win for HRC. As the polls began to close and the swing states were shaded red one by one, the laughter and smiles got fewer and far between, and finally with the loss of Florida there was nothing but terrified silence. Can you understand that Mr. Trump? Putting aside party affiliation and stances on important issues like immigration reform, economic growth, and universal healthcare and basic human rights – an entire bar of people watched your name take over the screen in terrified silence because there seemed no worse option than having you step into such a powerful role. A man endorsed by the KKK, who “locker room talked” with Billy Bush about grabbing women by the pussy, who will go on trial next month for sexual assault, and who attacks anyone who’s opinions differ from his own.

Does this sound like someone who should be the leader of the free world?

However, I am not writing this to berate you for the numerous horrifying news headlines you facilitated over the course of this election, or any of the blatantly offensive and ignorant hate speech you have flooded our screens and airwaves with. I am writing this to ask you to prove to us that you can change now that we have granted you this incredibly important and powerful position. I want to challenge you Mr. Trump, to once again prove us all wrong. Show us that you are not someone whose campaign one liners can be compared to Hitler’s own talking points.

Prove to us that you actually can make our country a great place for not just people like you, but all Americans.

An America where minorities don’t have to tell their friends and families to be safe when they leave the house because they feel they are under constant threat because of the things your supporters say. Where women have equal rights to men and won’t lose the ability to make choices about their own bodies, and where LBGTQ community members everywhere don’t have to fear that they live in a country where people believe something is wrong with them that only electroshock therapy can fix.

I challenge you to rise to this occasion. You now hold the most powerful seat in the world, and the world is watching. You promised to make America great again, and while I think it was already pretty great, I do hope that you will foster the positive change you think you can. I hope that you will adopt a more understanding position towards those whose skin, gender, and beliefs differ from your own. Make our country someplace that my 14 year old sister isn’t afraid to grow up in, or fear for her friends who have the traits many of your supporters abhor. Many of the people who elected you will not share in my hopes for this kind of America, and many of them will probably hate me for writing this. They want to see you build the wall, make Muslim’s wear identification, and take marriage equality and prochoice rights away from those who have been granted them. I’m not asking you to abandon these Americans, in fact, I think now is when you can help them the most.

Use your new position as President of the United States of America to reach these people, and show them was strong, united leadership is.

Show them tolerance and understanding, love and friendship.

Show them all of the things that make America such a great place and hold them to constantly striving to make themselves, and their country better. That is my challenge for you Mr. Trump. That is what I hope to see from you as our next President of the United States, and what the country needs of you.

We will all be watching, with baited breath. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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