Why Are Men Gynecologists?


Maybe more importantly, why is no on asking this question?

Literally, why do men want to be the experts in something that will always be foreign to them, when there are people who could be both experienced and experts at female genetalia?

Why aren’t women the only gynecologists?

This old-ish (but weirdly only googleable) statistic I found said about 64% of practicing gynecologists are male. I don’t want to talk to men about my genitals. Unless the talk is dirty, and they’re eating it up. When I talk to a doctor about my body, I want it to be an emotionless, scientific conversation. I don’t really care if it’s my own fault, I don’t want to miss out on healthcare because I’m uncomfortable talking about a certain issue.

Listen, I do not think men become gynecologists because they are perverts. I don’t think it’s sexually motivated at all. I believe they think it’s a cool field of medicine. But that’s what I think seems presumptuous as fuck. Why do you think you would be the right person to examine a woman? There’s a whole 50% of your species with direct experience with a woman’s body, don’t you think they’d be better suited to be experts in this field?

Do I think dicks are interesting? Yup, they’re cool, maybe if I wasn’t terrible at physiology and biology (which I find fascinating) I’d consider going into medicine. Would I put myself in a position where I was the person a man had to consult about a health issue with his dick? Nope. That seems super inappropriate? And like an abuse of power, making a man less comfortable in a time he was already forced to be extremely vulnerable (especially considering he might withhold embarrassing, but pertinent information), when there are a ton of people (men) who are better suited to be in this position. That’s insane.

Health as a whole, and specifically reproductive health is sensitive enough, no one needs additional stressors.

I don’t really care if I have to wait (though it’s a shame that HR people should take into account) longer to make an appointment with a female gynecologists, I’ll never see a male one. It seems super unnecessary, like having a white African-American studies professor. That’s my earnest question, commenters, why? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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