There Is A Beauty In Transience

There is a beauty in transience. We’re all only here for a period of time; we all know that death is inevitable, that nothing lasts forever. Yet as we harp on about how we need to treasure what we have, about how to live life “now” how many of us actually do it?

How many of us write bucket lists, only to put them aside for “when I have money,” “when I have time,” or simply “just for later”?

If we all realize the impermanence of life, if we all preach to be present, why don’t we practice what we preach?

Because we fear.

We fear not having enough money. We fear losing our grip on our lives, we fear losing control and ‘not having a future.’ But you know what? Things change. People leave. The future is made of steps you make today, of choices you make now.

If we realize the beauty of transience, we lose a bit of that fear, we put our brave faces on and we make choices that allow us to live in the present.

Don’t stay if you don’t like where you are now because all things change. Even if you don’t do anything to change things, there is no guarantee that all else will remain the same. You can’t control the actions that others take, you can’t control what curveballs life throws at you.

There is no guarantee to anything, no promises that are certain, no forever. All I can promise you is that there is a certain beauty in transience. A beauty in the temporary nature of things. And if we realize what excitement and contentment such moments can bring us, then I urge you to step out. To live life. Make the change your heart tells you to. Do the things you want. Love the people around you. Fall utterly and completely in love with your life, and be part of the transience. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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