I’ve Always Loved Too Brilliantly, Too Brightly

Wendelin Jacober
Wendelin Jacober

When I fell for you, emotions exploded within me, like a shooting star streaking across the dark night sky, with shimmers of light tailing my elation. But all I ever was, was a brief moment in the darkness, a protest against the night sky, of hope against all odds.

I have yet to learn to be steady as the Northern Star, of a small but bright light against the veil of the dark. I have only ever known to burn with such intensity that all other stars pale in comparison.

I shine and fall back into the darkness, only to rise again to sail across the sky for a second, embracing my descent bright and proud.

But perhaps I – perhaps we, were not made to hold such great fervour in us, for all greatness eventually falls. And all lights must dim.

I wait to feel this intensity, and I meet it with a burning passion as I light up the sky with my luster, my brightness, my radiance.

I was Beauty in that moment, and that was enough. So let us enjoy that outburst, just for a second. Let us stare back into the dark murky night after the last shimmer wanes – let us fully feel the transitory beauty of my light.

Is an instance of illumination, of beauty beyond words, worth the darkness that follows?

Perhaps we should try learn to love the stars behind, the dimmer, yet steadier stars of the night, which silently shine their light upon us, however dark the night chooses to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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