The Year After You

The Year After You


You broke up with me. You ripped my heart from my chest and shred it in millions of pieces. I never felt a pain like that before. I was not totally happy with you but I was comfortable and now, I found myself in complete darkness.


Your birthday is this month and we would have celebrated our 1 year anniversary also but it’s over. You turned our friends against me and I’ve never felt more alone in my entire life. I feel that I’m at the bottom of the ocean and every time I try to swim to the surface, someone drags me back down.


While everyone is enjoying the summer, I’m just depressed at home. I feel I have nobody; I feel worthless, rejected and unlovable. I still love you, very much and I still hope you will come back and save me from this black hole.


I started smiling and laughing again. I even met new people who helped me get out of my funk and I’m finally out of the house. I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the good light.


Summer is finally over and I couldn’t be happier. I reconnected with old friends; the ones I unfortunately put aside when we started dating.


This month is emotional because it’s my birthday in October and Halloween, two holidays I celebrated with you last year. I don’t understand how you can love someone one minute and make their life a living hell 2 seconds later.


Something happened; I don’t love you anymore. I woke up and I realized I didn’t love the guy that broke my heart, abandoned me and started dating one of my friends


I thought being single on Christmas would make me sad but it didn’t. I spent time with my family and my friends and I’m very excited for the new year and the new people that will enter my life.