To All The Girls Who Don’t Feel Pretty

I wake up in the morning (not necessarily feeling like P Diddy) because my simplistic makeup is still on from the night before because I never really found the time or need for makeup remover, there’s not much on anyways. My hair is in it’s usual ponytail and since I have no motivation to blow dry my hair after my shower it seems I’ll leave it to the Gods to make my hair look decent once it’s dried. I feel confident walking out of the door, I didn’t even feel like wearing makeup today, and I feel good.

Then you see girls. Real girls. Their eyelashes go on for miles, their cheeks are a perfect pink, plumped lips, and their legs look so smooth! I may be a girl that wears a dress once a year for a nice dinner and tries once a week to actually look pretty, but that does not mean I don’t want to look effortlessly decent every day. For years I have convinced myself that it’s something that they just have and I don’t. Their hair is less coarse, their eyes are just prettier, their bodies are better fitted for dresses, blah blah blah. But to my unwanted surprise, everything I am jealous of in these girls is possible for me to obtain, but there’s one more road block, how?! I buy these blushes, mascaras, three different foundations, skin cream, even a contour kit! As I look at all these products with a very empty wallet my question now is, what do I do with all this?!

It takes me two hours, two hours! I exfoliated my legs and arms, I made my face look like I painted tribal paint on it until I smeared it all together to make it look like my cheek bones were higher than they really are. I plucked my eyebrows, put three different mascaras on, I tried on five dresses and took fifteen minutes just to see what color eyeshadow I should use. This was hard work.

The final moment came where I could see the outcome in a well lit full length mirror. Maybe I’ll see Emma Watson looking back at me, maybe an Emma Stone, heck maybe even a Kardashian with all the shit I had on my face and body. I hesitantly opened my eyes and I saw…me.

Disappointment overwhelmed me. All this work and I still look like myself? I thought the point was to completely alter my look so that guys could drool all over how great my eyes looked and how my cheek bones were pink and high up and how my legs were so smooth they went on for miles under this summer dress. So that’s it? I’m just going to be this plain girl unless I want to work two hours a day, everyday, just to look decently above average? Then it hit me. Yes, that is what I have to do.

Walking down the streets and noticing all these girls with such great outfits, hair, makeup, accessories and all I can do it stare and hate because why can’t I be like that? Why can’t it be so effortless for me to be pretty? It’s because it’s not effortless for anybody. We are all beautiful but with the invention of all these girly products it’s now so commonly used it’s a norm and a competition. Just because all these girls put two hours of effort in every day to look like these barbie dolls does not mean I have right to hate and look over the fact that they did work for their perfect appearance. Instead, I must praise them for doing what it takes to look so beautiful, and to just work it.

So, for all you girls that feel like me, pretty but yet not enough to compete with many other girls around you, you are far from alone. For all the girls who have hundreds of dollars worth of makeup with not one clue on how to actually use it correctly, or those girls who have tons of clothes and yet don’t know how to make more than three decent outfits, it’d okay. Instead of judging, caring too much, staring down girls, and straight up giving up, just remember that you do not need to be that barbie doll to be perfect and if you want to, it does take work and I’m sure if you ask a barbie herself to help you out, she’ll love to. No matter what skin you’re in, just work it, that’s the prettiest makeup you could put on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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