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You Give Me Butterflies And I Hope They Never Go Away

You wouldn’t let me do that though. You answered my questions but then twisted it around so that I was the one doing most of the secret revealing. When I told my mom, she was even shocked when I admitted that you had gotten to see parts of me no one had taken a look at for a while.

Do Yourself A Favor And Try To See Beneath The Mask

I find that when you give most people a chance to be who they are you’re really going to like them. Everyone ultimately wants the same things in this world; love and acceptance. If we could allow everyone to be themselves then we’re going to find a lot less people who feel like they need to pretend.

Taylor Swift Is My Spirit Animal And Here Are The Reasons Why She Might Be Yours Too

For a while, like any other girl in their mid-20s, I would deny that I was a Taylor Swift fan. Even though my iTunes is littered with every single album or single she’s ever released I still said nope not really a Taylor Swift fan. But this is untrue (just like my denial of being a huge One Direction fan…). I think the reason that Taylor Swift shows up in my music library so much is because in a way I grew up with her writing the soundtrack to my life.

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