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This Is Why Your Best Friend Should Absolutely Be A Sagittarius

There are many wonderful friends in the zodiac but there are none like a Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius is often confused as the quietest person in the room but that doesn’t mean they’re always quiet. When this sign trusts you and confides in you, they also let their guard down. By letting their guard down, you get to see their goofy, often dry sense of humor that makes you appreciate them so much more.

A Sagittarius will stand with you and help you fight your battles when you feel like you can’t anymore. They are going to act as tough as possible and pick you up when you fall. But you know that even though they act tough, internally their hearts are breaking for you when you’re in your saddest moments. That’s the thing about a Sagittarius, they believe ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ but that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel so deeply that your heart doesn’t affect them.

As a best friend, a Sagittarius is going to support all your bad decisions and then laugh at them with you when you fall on your face. That’s because they’re sneaky, trying to push you to do that really dumb thing and giggle at/with you when it blows up in your face. They’re not doing this to hurt you, they just want you to laugh at yourself even if you’ve done something dumb. They’re the best at not taking themselves so seriously and teaching you that you shouldn’t either.

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Though they’re guarded at first, they’re going to let you into their life little by little and really get to know you until you don’t even realize that you’re their best friend. They take things slow and want to know your true intentions before investing anything in you. That’s because as soon as they’re in, oh boy, is a Sagittarius in. They are your ride or die friend and they will be there through thick and thin if you prove yourself genuine. Just so you know, if you aren’t genuine, a Sagittarius can spot you like the faker you are and has no problem not talking to you again.

Even though they can be a bit pessimistic, sometimes you need a best friend who’s going to bring you back to the real world when you’re off chasing your 10th creative idea in a month. They radiate calmness which makes you remember that maybe not every idea has to go somewhere. They encourage you to research your plans instead of jumping into each and every project heart first.

Everyone goes through bad days. On those bad days, the calm and cool nature of a Sagittarius best friend will remind you to take a deep breath and relax. They’re going to remind you that there are reasons things happen and that life is going to be OK, even if right now it doesn’t feel like it. They’re going to listen to you talk about everything that’s bothering you, without interruption, then help you put a plan in place to fix what’s gone wrong. If they can’t help you fix it, then they’re going to weather the storm with you and help you find a light at the end of the tunnel just by being by your side.

A Sagittarius is devoted, smart, funny and incredibly strong. If you manage to get a Sagittarius as a best friend, hold onto them and don’t let them go. Ever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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