Here’s Hoping You’re Crazy Enough To Love Me


Baby you must be crazy to want to try and fall in love with me.

People would tell you that you’re better off alone than getting caught up in the whirlwind that is my life. You don’t want to become another causality in my self-destruction. You have to be insane to think that you would be able to tame my wild heart.

To be honest, I really hope you are that crazy.

I really hope you are willing to fill the space next to me in my bed and not just temporarily. I really hope you’re insane enough to save me from myself and the loneliness that everyone can see coming. I want you to be crazy because I know that only a crazy person would let me unload all of my past demons on them and still love me.

You must be out of your damn mind to think that this could work. The guys before you will warn you that I’m stubborn and unpredictable. One moment everything’s great but the next, well the next I’m raining hell fire down on you. Somehow though, that doesn’t scare you and in turn that scares me. If you’re not going to be so easily pushed away, then how am I going to protect my heart from being stolen?

You know what they say about me? That I’m a gypsy. That my heart won’t ever settle down. That I don’t believe that I’m ever going to fall in love.

Maybe that’s why I think you’re crazy to try to tie me down.

And in some ways they’re right. Catching feelings was never high on my list but at the end of the day when I look at everything I have, maybe you really are the missing piece. I’ve done this before and it’s ended so completely tragically, that it’s not going to be something I can take again.

You have to be crazy to love me because I won’t ever be open with you to the point that you need me to be; at least not right away. I’ll be the box that’s been glued shut that you struggle to open for longer than you could possibly think you could handle. I’ll tell you the things I think you want to hear and leave out the painful memories that made me who I am today.

Deep down what I want is so bad to trust you. I want to trust that you’re the real deal and just crazy enough to love me. I want you to be crazy enough to stick around. Really, I want to be crazy with you.

No one would ever call me boring. I’m sure you know that. At the drop of a hat I’m off on a new adventure and I want you to be my partner in crime. I really do. I just can’t tell you that. I’m too scared of what could happen if you realize that my crazy really isn’t for you.

So I let people call me crazy. I let people call me a rolling stone. I let people think that all I really want is my dog and my life that I can change in a second.

But what I really want is you.

I want you to be the person that makes me seem boring and settled. I want you to be the one who sees me as someone you aren’t scared to love. I want you to tame my wild and unruly heart and make it your own. I want to become a part of you in a way I’ve never been a part of someone before.

So yeah, I’m crazy and falling in love with me is probably the craziest thing you’ve ever done.

But hell, I’m so glad you want to be crazy with me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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