The Truth About The Girl You Call ‘Hard To Get’

She let her head rest on his chest. It had become a regular occurrence. She waited until she knew he was asleep before she snuck out for the last time. She grabbed her shoes and carried them in one hand as she headed towards her car. Even though she slept in his bed, she was never going to be his.

She was always the leaving type.

Some girls are built differently. They’re not ready or willing to think about forever when they have so many other things filling their lives. Maybe they don’t believe in love. Maybe it’s because they were hurt bad before. Maybe they’re just not interested in falling in love right now. Either way, they’re not going to be the one who you wake up with in the morning. It’s a quick rendezvous that will leave your head spinning and wondering where the hell you found her.

She’s not trying to hurt you. She’ll always be upfront and honest. She’ll tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it. She’s not going to be the type of girl that’s around forever unless you can show her something she’s never seen before.

She’s not going to be able to stay put unless you make her feel things, real things, she never thought existed.

Otherwise she’s going to hit the road. She’s going to be around long enough for you to wonder exactly what the hell you had managed to get yourself into. She cares about you but she cares about herself more. She’s needed to be on her own for a while and it’ll take a special person to make her realize she can rely on more than just herself.

When she meets her person, the one that’s going to make her stop dead in her tracks, she’s not going to know what hit her.

Suddenly everything she never needed becomes everything she wants. She’s going to fight it with everything she has. She’s not sure what being settled is but she knows she doesn’t want it.

Except she does.

She’s always known that when she found someone who felt like home it was going to scare the absolute shit out of her. She was going to hate the fact that she was turning into those gushy, love sick people she had always made fun of. Her friends are going to notice she’s different. They’re going to notice that when she talks about him a small smile creeps across her face. Every guy before was a nonchalant shrug but this guy is a full blown smile.

She’s going to let herself think about the future. The future she never wanted to share with anyone except maybe a dog. She is going to finally figure out why every one of her friends liked having a plus one at big events. She was going to experience that once in a lifetime feeling that shows her what she’s been missing out on.

She won’t show you right away her cards that she’s holding so close to her chest. It’s something she’s never had to do before. It’s because all of the guys before were temporary. She’s never been the type to just let someone in. They have to earn a spot in her life. She never wanted to be this way but life has taught her she needs to trust actions and only just listen to words.

So maybe this girl is hard to get but when you do get her she’s going to show you more love than you’ve ever known. She’s never done anything half ass and that’ll be obvious. When she slows down and realizes she’s met her match, she’s going to blow your mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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