Every Time I Look At You I Picture Your Hands All Over Me


The only thing really separating us right now is flimsy fabric and denim. No real barrier except a room full of people. Even though now the attraction has grown to something that we can’t seem to control anymore. It’s shirts being pulled over heads and unbuttoning of jeans that can lead us to another night that neither of us are going to forget.

And the tension between us is palpable.

My fingers burn thinking about the chance to run my index finger down your abdomen leading me somewhere I don’t ever want to come back from. You’ve got me going crazy as you lean in to whisper something that you know will make my whole body respond. Something that’ll get me sitting up straight and my jaw dropping.

Because between you and me, all I want is to feel something as raw and heavenly as you.

Patience. Patience has never been so hard. But we have to be. Patiently waiting for the time for us to be just together. We don’t even have to speak because our minds are so in sync that they just know that we’re driving each other crazy from the other side of the room. Between you and me, I don’t even want to be here anymore. I just want to be with you. Wherever we can sneak off to in order to satisfy this need for each other.

I want you to stop looking at me that way that makes me squirm. The kind of way that tells me that right now you’re thinking of getting me alone. And boy, all I want is to be alone with you. We can get as close as we can be and still want to be closer. Feel something deeper. Let ourselves get lost. All we have to do is work our bodies.

So let’s do that. Now.

Between you and me, when the world takes a turn for the worst the only solace I have is you. You are my sanctuary from everything else. And between the sheets we can pretend we’re nothing but what we are in that moment. We don’t have to define ourselves by our job titles or how much money we have. We’re just us. Two people. Two people who have a need for each other.

It’s that kind of isolation that won’t drive you insane but is definitely bound to make you go crazy for me. We can turn the world off for a minute and feel each other. Feel the rhythm that pulses between us. Think of the most ultimate fantasies and fulfil them one by one until we can’t do it anymore.

Let’s pretend it’s the weekend. Let’s pretend our responsibilities don’t exist. Let’s just get underneath the sheets and let our hands wander. Let our tongues draw invisible pictures over every inch of our bodies. Let’s get to know each other on a whole other level that will feel so ridiculously good that it’ll feel like we’re being incredibly bad.

So between you and me, there’s a room full of people separating us. There’s flimsy fabric and denim creating a barrier. There’s responsibilities we can’t get away from. There’s a whole bunch of little things that are making it hard for us to be alone. And when I look up and see you, I can almost feel your hands tracing down the back of my neck.

Let’s get out of here. Let’s feel that ecstasy.

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