9 Things I Can’t Wait To Tell My Future Husband


Dear Future Husband,

No this isn’t the start of a Meghan Trainor song, although that would be pretty cool. I don’t think we’ve met yet but I’m really hoping we do soon. I have a few things I want to tell you because let’s be honest we both know I’m not the easiest to crack open sometimes.

Number 1: I’m really sorry for being stubborn.

My family and friends will tell you that I’m stubborn and I’ll deny it but hell, they’re right. I’m going to fight you tooth and nail to prove that I’m right, most of the time I am. I promise you though that I will always apologize when I’m wrong; which will hopefully be close to never.

Number 2: My first love left a really deep scar.

It’s true. Like most people in this world, my first love did a real number on me. He made me doubt my worth and who I was as a person. But I think you probably already know that. Thanks for always being patient with me when I get irrationally mad when we both know you did nothing wrong. You’re awesome.

Number 3: You are the best I’ve ever had.

This is a big thing. Maybe there are better lovers out there but for me you will always be the best because I chose you and you chose me to spend the rest of our lives together. Because of this fact alone you are the best in every way.

Number 4: I tell my best girl friend everything that happens between us.

I mean you’ve met her and I’m sure you know we talk about you. She knows every weird thing that we’ve laughed about and every embarrassing moment you’ve had, past and present. I tell her this because I am so incredibly in love and proud of you that I’m telling her these things so she can also love you almost as much as I do.

Number 5: You’re my best friend.

There’s no question to this. While I’ll have good girl and guy friends, and call some of them my best friends, when it comes to my ultimate best friend, that’s you. You know every deep, dark secret I’ve kept close to my heart so how could you not be my best friend? You deserve that title, especially if you’ve put up with me when I’m hangry.

Number 6: You’re freaking hot.

I promise I’ll tell you how hot you are on a regular basis. I’ll make sure you never forget how wanted you are and how even on the roughest of days you are my shining light. Even if you’re the reason I’m mad.

Number 7: You’re stuck with me.

We said those vows mister which means I’m not going anywhere. You don’t get a piece of me, you get the whole darn thing and that means I’m not backing down when things get tough. We will work through it because I love you.

Number 8: Thank you for being a part of my family and letting me be a part of yours.

Sure mine is little crazy but they love you almost as much as I do. Does it get annoying that I call my mom every night? Maybe. Is it also a little excessive that I tell her when you’re being a jerk? Definitely. But know that she never fully believes you’re the issue and mostly ends up taking your side.

Number 9: I’m going to love the crap out of you.

I don’t care what you’ve done, where you’ve been or who you’ve hurt. If you are willing to be there for me, care for me and love me then I’m going to do the same in return. So often we get caught up in who we were that we lose sight of what we have to offer. Babe you’ve got everything I need so I will love the crap out of you forever.

However long you take to get to me know this; I am getting ready to love you to the best of my ability. I am working on taking care of myself so that when you show up we can start our lives together as two wholes rather than broken pieces we try to glue together.

Thank you for getting to know the real me and for loving every single thing I thought would hinder me from ever falling in love. You have shown me what true love is and for that I will forever be in your debt.

All my love always,

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