This Is Why You Really Got Married

Black and white photo of a bride's veil flying up over her new husband as they kiss
Hisu lee / Unsplash

I’m not mad honestly, I’m glad you found what you think to be is happiness. But you and I both know the truth.

You married her because you thought it was the right thing to do and because she fit what worked for your life at the moment. I’m not saying you two don’t love one another, I’m just saying I know that marriage isn’t you.

I read somewhere that most men don’t marry the women they love the most, but they marry the women that are around when they want to marry. In other words, convenience.

I gave you some of the best years of my life and my heart, all for you to tell me at that moment you weren’t ready for marriage and didn’t think that you would ever be. I respected that and knew that what I wanted wasn’t the same thing that you did so I let you go. My heart made peace with that decision, and I genuinely prayed nothing but the best for you.

And now here we are, and the same person who said that marriage wasn’t for them is now happily married, or at least that’s how you portray things to be.

It’s obvious, it became obvious when you were afraid to tell me you were married, and it was obvious when you felt the need to pour your heart out to me and keep me informed about your life as if you felt I cared to know. That moment confirmed for me what I read, you married her because she was the women around when you decided you wanted to make some lifelong changes.

You married her because you decided you didn’t want to be that man coming home to an empty house, you married her because you knew I decided I could no longer wait for you anymore.

And you married her simply because at the moment it’s what made the most sense. I, however, know the truth, and you also know that I am aware of what the truth is. I’m sure she’s a lovely woman but she’ll never be me. You won’t laugh with her as much as you did with me, you won’t have as much fun with her as you did with me, she won’t push you to be better as much as I did, but that’s no longer my problem. TC mark

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