You’re Allowed To Say No

saying no

It’s okay to say no. Matter of fact is PERFECTLY okay to say no. I used to be the go to person. The person that no matter the time of night, or no matter how many times I’ve heard the same story over and over again I was there to listen. I was the person that you never had to question if I was going to make the invite. And it was known that if you ever needed anything I was your go to person because I never said no.

Always saying yes and never saying no to people when I really wanted to left me exhausted, not to mention physically and emotionally drained.

Learning to say no is what I needed to reclaim my peace of mind. Others may be disappointed by your answer but at the end of the day, you can’t be of service to anyone if your intentions are just to appease others.

Not only do you have to learn to say no, you also have to learn that it is OKAY to say no. Learning to say no is a process. A process that when you say no shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty. One should never feel obligated to say yes for the comfort of anyone else.

Put yourself FIRST and if you need to, say NO. And make sure when you do say no, you do so unapologetically! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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