19 Things I Miss About Being A Teenage Girl

1. Sense of entitlement. Feeling that you are special and having the perception that the whole world revolves around you.

2. Extreme emotions. So many ecstatic highs and dramatic lows meant that life was a constant roller coaster ride.

3. Crazy fashion. Being able to get away with wearing pyjama pants, a fluoro midriff top and a Hello Kitty backpack in public.

4. Regular belly-laughs. Cracking-up in fits of laughter to the point you where you can’t speak or breathe used to be a daily occurrence.

5. Being boy crazy. A healthy obsession with the male species providing hours upon hours of thought and deep analysis with girlfriends.

6. Camaraderie. Before experiencing true love, friendships were everything. Laughing together, crying together, discovering together – your friends were your life force.

7. Firsts. First kiss. First parties. First boyfriend. First responsibilities. First time getting drunk.

8. The world being a mystery. The people, the places, why things happen and how things work. Hundreds of unanswered questions made the world a magical place.

9. Believing that all your dreams will come true. There was no doubt about the fact that you’re going to be rich/famous/married/well-travelled in the future.

10. Free time. Homework was the only obstacle to your social life and extracurricular activities, and school was only 5 hours a day not including recess and lunch.

11. Having a stunning figure. Nowadays, achieving the body which was once fuelled by Dorito’s and Skittles is dependent on working out and denying second helpings of cheesecake.

12. A hug from mum and a giant cookie would fix all of your problems.

13. Easily entertained. Hanging out at the shops with very little money would provide enough entertainment to gain significant fulfilment from your weekends.
14. Ignorance. Boring issues such as politics, living expenses and health care were for adults to trouble themselves with.

15. Everything was a BIG DEAL. If you got a party invite, your family got a new car, you got a new phone, your family was going on a holiday or you got a new outfit, it was a BIG DEAL.

16. Being irresponsible. Forgot your sunscreen? Oh well! Get drenched by rain? Hilarious! Lost your shoes because you were paralytic? Good times! Missed the bus? Third time lucky!

17. Sleeping in. Guilt free, bliss.

18. Positive reinforcement. Receiving praise or recognition for working hard or simply doing what you were supposed to be doing.

19. Breaking rules. The thrill of sneaking a drink or a cigarette, lying to your teachers or parents, wearing a risqué outfit or skipping class. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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