5 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Girl With Strict Parents

We all have that one friend who always rants about his girlfriend’s parents but can’t do anything about it. Or it can be you. No matter what, this is a great challenge for any guy but getting through this challenge can really boost the parents’ trust in you. It’s like a training field for being a good partner in the future. Besides, strict parents only want the best for their offsprings.

If you haven’t dated someone with strict parents, you don’t know the real struggle of being super pissed but hey, at least you get to read this before you date one or maybe not date one anymore since you will think of it as a nightmare.

1. Staying in is better than going out

Girls with strict parents like it better when you hang out in their house because they know what you’re doing and they know that you have good intentions. As we all know, “If they have nothing to hide, they won’t be afraid.”

2. Expect cancelled plans

Yes, you’ve already planned everything but sometimes things get messy in the “asking for permission” department. For parents, it’s family first. So even if you’ve already asked permission a month before that event, if a relative plans a last minute family gathering on the same day as your event, your plan is doomed. At least they would apologize so just have patience coz when you surpass all these and you get married, there won’t be much of cancelled plans.

3. Always be on time

When you tell them that their daughter will be home by 9pm, she should be IN the house by 9pm. Failing at this will cause a gap between you and the parents. So synchronize your wristwatch to their clock at home.

4. Going to their house at odd hours is a big NO NO

Strict parents like control in everything like the time their daughter sleeps. They wouldn’t like it if you go to their house to disturb their daughter’s sleep or even be the cause of their daughter’s sleep deprivation. So those thoughts of driving in the middle of the night? Might wanna wait till the girl is living on her own..

5. You won’t get to see each other EVERY DAY

Sorry but like I said, strict parents like to have control in everything… every little thing like how often you guys get to see each other. They wouldn’t like their daughter’s life to revolve around a guy. They also want to have their daughter to have time for other things. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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