You Will Die On The Day That You Stop Taking Risks

Annie Spratt

Most of the people are afraid of trying new things. Taking risks can be scary because we can’t find out if this could harm or give us a good outcome. Yet, the reward of this can be great.

Trying new things give us the opportunity to find out new horizon. Risk is exposing us to the possibility of suffering harm or loss in a situation involving uncertain danger; that’s why most of us are afraid to take it. But, if we’re afraid of trying unfamiliar things, how are we going to know the things that we can?

How are we going to grow and discover new things without taking the risk?

Taking risks is a dare to step outside our comfort zone. Even in the smallest decisions, you should take the risks. It is really a scary task, uncertain and unpredictable. But remember that taking risks is what allows us to grow and discover new things about ourselves. Risks help teach us about the world that we’re not familiar with, and could also help us to break through our limits and excel to different things in life. This can also develop our skills and talent, allows us to conquer our fears, and open up ourselves to new ideas, opportunities and experiences.

Timing is one of the most important aspects of risk taking. In order for us to gain self-confidence and get away from boring life, we must not be afraid of trying new things.

If we failed once, it’s not too late for us to learn to take another chance.

We will never know if we don’t try. Have the guts to go beyond your limits. Success is hard to achieve if we don’t put extra effort. Proper planning with careful action is the key to success of some people, but for me it’s not just that. Taking risks is also part of success. Yes, taking risks is not always results to success, sometimes we failed. But, failure is the first step in achieving it. This could be our stepping stone. People who dare to take risks tend to end up more successful to those who don’t.

People take risks in order to find out one’s true self, by this, they learn more about themselves.

The person who risks nothing, is the person who does nothing, has nothing and is nothing. Therefore I conclude that if you really want to achieve success and to be a successful person someday, you should take that risk. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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