What’s Your Art Of Friendship?

myDays / S.Lee
myDays / S.Lee

We watch each other grow, shaping into new people. We remember the past fondly and see the present clearly.

We go through our own personal, transformative relationships. We listen to each other silently as the pitfalls of breakups come upon us, there as listening ears, as comrades, as associates in the tricky dating game and the exciting dance of life. We are similar soldiers with similar problems, likes, and dislikes.

We see ourselves mirrored in another. Through this we can see our amazing strengths, our talents, our dreams and goals mirrored through the shining reflection of their actions. We get along so well because we are cut so largely from the same soulful cloth.

We find similar likes and dislikes as a common ground upon which we dance. We think thoughts at the same time, as if an invisible string ties our hearts and minds together, albeit separately. We seem related, and people as us if we are related. Sometimes we joke and say, of course we are, duh.

Seldomly we fight, but we understand each other’s sides. We understand the projection of our own personal weaknesses in these sorts of situations. We take time to think it over, we call each other and leave apologetic voicemails. Our hearts race only slightly when the other calls back, because we know that smoothing things over is close, right on the horizon.

We enrich each other’s lives. We pass on tidbits of sound, text and style that we know the other would love. We keep each other connected. When something pops up that reminds us of the beloved other, we shoot a quick text to keep them in our little hub of life, and ours in theirs.

We like their pictures on Facebook because it feels good to support them. It feels good when they like ours, and support us too. We’re each other’s fans and cheerleaders.

We’re not scared to eat in front of them at 4 am. We’re not scared to blubber tears in front of them. We’re not scared to tell them what makes us really scared.

We don’t hesitate to celebrate in front of them, because we know they will be celebrating with us. When they’ve made personal accomplishments, we feel a personal pride, as if one was made for the team.

We see in each other’s eyes a separate kind of knowing, a comfort, a je ne sais quoi of some far faded antiquity. Surely we have known each other before, in some place, in some familiar way.

It clicks, it always will, and maybe we’ll never know how but we’ll always know why. It just works. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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