12 Things I Learned Being A 20-Something

Evil Erin
Evil Erin

1. Some people are really just bad people. That’s it. Making excuses for them and trying to play Ghandi on them will only get you further into the trouble that you’ve already gotten into by dealing with these people. Just stop. Whether they’re fucked up from a bad childhood or an ex or whatever, some of these people are so callous and hardened that they truly do not care what happens to you. Believe it. These people truly have no regard for others and will lie, cheat, and steal from you faster than you can say, Where the fuck did that go. These people will wreck your life without blinking an eye or realizing any kind of devastation they’re brought to your life. You cannot help these people so don’t try, and don’t martyr yourself either. Stay away.

2. If a parent is a great, kind, and supportive person, strive to be just like them. But if they’re not, and they’ve got serious and fundamental issues, stay away from those issues. Separation and emotional distance can be a tricky thing when dealing with a family member. It can feel like you owe them your life and blood in some kind of theoretical and fundamental way, like you need to give them something for all the things they’ve done for you. This is true, but it shouldn’t amount to them taking your emotional sanity. If they need to take your sanity from you, they are depleted and that’s an issue they need to deal with. Children are not responsible for their parents.

3. When angry, take a deep breath and count to ten.

4. Realize some people are just bat shit crazy. Seriously. Some people think they have gifts of vision and will try to comment on your existence when they truly know nothing about you. This is called projection and is in no way any sort of higher and unparalleled vision from the heavens. Now that you’ve read it, believe it when you see it, and don’t play into a bat shit crazy’s head space.

5. Don’t feed the fire of a motherfucker. If someone is being an asshole, ignore it. Don’t feed their fire. Otherwise you’re going to get burned and want to kick yourself for playing so close to the damn fool.

6. The love you take is equal to the love you make, and the same goes for pain. The anger and pain you take is equal to the pain you make. Freak out at a loved one and you will inevitably feel that pain ricochet back at you in some form. Chalk it up to the law of attraction. Put a smile out to a crown and you’ll get a smile back. Dole out hurtful words to a partner and you’ll feel the consequence when the shit flings back your way.

7. Trust happy people. Growing up some people are taught not to trust those that are inherently happy, as though they don’t deserve it. That’s self-deprecating bullshit. Everyone deserves to be happy. Be patient with the ones who don’t get that.

8. Believe in love. Real love is quoted as being a bottomless put that you can’t stop falling deeper and deeper into. It’s endless and fantastic. No other drug or life form provides so many surprises, so many delights, and so many curious experiences as love.

9. Be humble. The world needs more of these people. It doesn’t matter how much you came from or how much you’ve got because everyone can be humble behind that façade. Be kind to strangers who have less and more than you. Be who you are and the right people will respect and love you for it.

10. Be realistic. Don’t bullshit yourself. If someone is hurting you, realize it. If someone is constantly being a bad role model, realize it. Don’t play into dumb robotic actions of another. They need to take care of themselves. Walk away.

11. Have faith. No matter what, there’s a way to get around the obstacles of life.

12. Pray. It works. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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