I Was Scared That We Were Meant To Be

Your eyes are always searching for me
And when our gaze meets
For that second everything is both
Sweet and terrifying

Beautifully tragic that it still occurs so often
And overwhelming that is still so strong

Your fear is what is stealing our joy
You can’t keep living your life this way

You are content in your misery
Because you’ve been there so long
You know it’s no good
You are complacent in the comfort you feel in this familiarity

You keep yourself in a self-made cage
You don’t even lock it
There are two keys
One is in my pocket

You have buried the other so deep
As an excuse to stay in
My key opens the door
Yours locks it behind you

I’m afraid you’ll never dig it up
and set yourself free

I’ve done my part
With what you’ve given me

Please don’t let this all be in vain
It could be so beautiful

So easy so simple
Because as I feared
it seems we are meant to be Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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