7 Things To Know Before Dating The Girl Who Loves To Travel


1. They will try to take many trips a year.

They’re going to Ireland in May, Rio in August and New York in October. You will constantly question if they even have a job. They won’t spend twenty dollars on a shirt, but they will spend HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on a plane ticket.

2. They will fear commitment.

“Well I don’t want to commit to going to this event because I don’t know if I will be here.” They don’t want to commit to anything important because they will leave town if the opportunity presents itself. They will take temp jobs and use all the money they earned to head to Europe for weeks. They will likely do this without any forewarning.

3. You will have a million conversations about places they want to go.

Experiences at home won’t seem as important. Sure you could take them to a cute gallery downtown but they will go on and on about the cutting edge art scene in Istanbul or Emmanuel Perrotin’s gallery in Hong Kong.

4. You will have to live with the fact that they are never fully satisfied.

You may get your feelings hurt. You may find them daydreaming about a life elsewhere instead at home with you.


What?? I have a job! I can’t just pick up and leave!

6. You get made fun of for being a stereotype.

Yeah! I get it! I’m American! I show my emotions and put ranch dressing on everything!

7. Your life will change forever.

Material things mean nothing. There is nothing like traveling with someone you love. You will love the way they glow when they walk the streets of a new land. They will force you to see the world in a different light. You will love deeper. You will be more culturally aware. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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