How To Find Your Purpose In Life

Life can be so challenging sometimes, something which I think isn’t acknowledged enough. We want to get it right, but knowing how we should spend our time, what we should focus on, and how much we should invest in certain relationships is hard.

That’s why we often turn to websites and blogs—because we’re seeking a little guidance in how we should interpret a situation.

I’ve often found myself thinking about our purpose and what we’re supposed to do with our lives while we’re here. And I’ve reached two conclusions:

1. The purpose of life is to live as the fullest expression of yourself 

2. The purpose of life comes in the pursuit of something

We are born into an environment that will have an opinion on the person we should be.

Some of us are lucky enough to be born into an environment that feels like it fits. You may have two parents who are doctors, went to school, and love biology. You also are prepared to work at the level of a doctor and have the emotional capacity for that role. It all fits.

Most of the time though, we feel a little different from the people around us. We want different things for our lives. That can mean professionally, it can mean in the types of relationship or family structure we want, or it can mean the country we want to live in.

It may be a more extreme feeling that you just don’t fit in somewhere. That can be unnerving and uncomfortable.

I believe that we have a duty in this world to be true to ourselves. To explore the things that interest us in order to get to know ourselves more intimately. That might mean taking a course in something which appeals to us without necessarily knowing exactly what we’ll do with it after. To me, it meant starting to write before I knew where I was going to put my writing. It’s just about allowing yourself the freedom to follow your curiosity.

In relationships, if you don’t know yourself and aren’t prepared to stand by who you are, then how can you ever be really intimately connected to someone? For both men and women it’s critical we learn to really know and respect what sits at our core.

The women I know tend to ask, “Am I too much?” And the men tend to ask, “Am I enough?”

If you are exploring yourself, you’re making space to be the fullest expression of yourself. If you’re trying, then you are absolutely enough and never too much.

Then there’s my personal purpose, which may mean something to you too: The pursuit of something.

Life is not about a destination, it is in constant change. Any goal you have will, and should, grow once you reach it. I like the idea of being really old and still setting new goals and making plans for myself.

So I’ve come to realize that the purpose of my life exists in the pursuit of things that matter to me. With work, that means looking forwards, being proactive and being excited at the opportunities that come. It means applying myself and focusing on how I might be able to make impossible dreams a reality.

When it comes to relationships, that means trusting my heart and following it to where it wants to go. Trying to handle all situations with love and care, knowing that love is kinda like a boomerang sometimes and what you send out comes back to you.

That’s where I’ve found my purpose. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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