Why You Fall For The Guy Who Doesn’t Text You Back

Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell

Maybe this guy has been chasing you for three months. The late night texts, the drunk texts, the buildup. And now you finally fucked. And it was amazing. Just utterly satisfying. And now it’s the morning after. He drives you home. He parks in the garage where you live; you two kiss, his one hand on the steering wheel, the other grabbing your thigh, and one of your hands around his neck.

You finally break away, leaving his car. He’s staring at you while you’re walking into your apartment. And, you turn around and smile at him, before he drives off.

And you walk in your apartment and you’re all warm inside. You charge your phone, make some breakfast and workout. Back to your schedule. But, now it has changed a bit. Because all you’re doing is thinking of him. Thinking of the way he touched you.

Thinking of the way he smiled at you. And, your daily routine now is consumed with thoughts of him. His soft face and thick hair is on your mind while watching TV. Fuck. The thought of him inside you while out at dinner with your friends almost makes you uncomfortable. How can someone have the power to invade your thoughts all the time?

Now, it’s a few days later… you’re still thinking of him while you’re shopping for groceries. He hasn’t texted you. But, he looked at your snapchat story. And it’s almost unexplainable. He is obviously curious about what you are doing. But the fact that he hasn’t contacted you is almost satisfying within itself.

You want him so badly. But, he obviously doesn’t want you. Why do we love the douchey guy who thinks he’s better then calling or texting us?

We love the challenge. Hell, don’t call me or text me for two weeks. I want to be fascinated with the mystery of you.

You must be so busy. Like too busy to call me back or ask me what I’m doing. Maybe you’re not ready for a relationship. Seriously, all I want to do is hang out. Have you touch me again. Just fucking call me. Leaving me in this la-la land is making me go nuts.

And, I can’t help but say it: It makes me want you a hell of a lot more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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