Why Dating The Gorgeous Guy Never Works

 Fernando Brasil
Fernando Brasil

We all love that American boy, Zac Efron look. His perfect abs, his piercing blue eyes and don’t let me get started on those arms. And, when we meet that kind of guy who has such strong looks, it makes us step back a little. When we ladies find a guy attractive, we sometimes lose sense of who we are. We are taken back and maybe confused and intimidated.

And when you get those digits from the 6’2” guy, at the bar, with impeccable features, make sure to remember the conversation you had shortly before he carefully put his hand on your lower spine. Maybe you two go on a date shortly after meeting. And, you still seem to be blown away by his naturally parted blonde hair. Yet, he still hasn’t asked you one question about yourself.

Date three. And you decide to get to know him. You’re also overcoming that intimidation that hindered you from the previous date. You ask him what his major was in college, where he went to college, where he is from. And, it seems that he is only responding in two word answers. Oh-but his hand is slowly caressing your leg under the dinner table. Well, it must be okay if he doesn’t want to talk. He’s probably really hungry or something.

Skip to date ten. You’ve been at his place a few times and vice versa. And, he’s really fun in bed. Really makes you feel like a woman. But, you can’t seem to remember anything other than the food he likes to eat or the way he likes to touch you. Are you starting to seem a little hesitant about him when your friends ask what he’s like. And, all you say is — well, he’s generous and oh my, have you seen his arms?!

Now, you’re trying a bit harder to get to know him. It’s been about a month of dating. You ask about some of his hobbies. One sentence responses from him now. You’re wondering, when is he going to ask me about myself? You two argue a bit. He gives up. He always gives up. Yet, you still stay over.

Ladies, don’t let looks hinder your thought process. Relationships work if there is mutual interest-in more than just one department. We always seem to fill our minds with looks rather than personality. It’s frustrating.

But, maybe if we decided to attend that concert we really love or see that comedian we can’t stop talking about, we can find a guy who shares mutual interests. Give it a try. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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