13 Reasons Why Being A Big Is Wonderful


On February 23, 2014, I became a “big” to two beautiful, warm-hearted, brave, enthusiastic, young women. Before this day they were simply two amazing members of my sorority’s new member pledge class but now, they are my “twins.” I felt as if overnight I had gained two little sisters! But being a big is more then a title; it is an honor, a learning experience and honestly, one of the most wonderful things to have happened to me. My twins are perfect and have inspired me to come up with these few reasons why being a big is so wonderful:

1. No matter how big of a mistake I make, there is always someone (in my case, two someones!) who thinks I am beautiful and perfect.

2. The ugly Snapchats I send them are not only acceptable; they are encouraged.

3. When I am having a stressful day I can always count on my littles to do something to make me smile.

4. Surprise deliveries of Cherry Coke and thoughtful notes are not uncommon.

5. I feel helpful knowing someone relies on me to answer their questions and to give them advice.

6. When I am overwhelmed with something (such as packing up my room for the summer) I am never without willing volunteers to help me out.

7. They give me a reason to be the best version of myself because I know my littles are always looking to me as an example.

8. I have learned about things from my littles that I probably would not have been exposed to otherwise (for example, YoungLife and how to give face massages).

9. When I want to craft I always have someone to give the final product to, because God knows I do not need any more homemade crafts hanging in my room!

10. I have been blessed with the opportunity to watch two young women fall in love with the sisterhood that has become a huge part of each of us.

11. When I see something related to my family name (in my case the Turtle Family), I always have someone to buy it for.

12. It never gets old to hear the word “BIG!” shouted across campus, followed by a running hug of course!

13. My favorite thing about being a big, though, is knowing that by getting littles I am continuing on the family line of the real, strong women who first-handedly showed me how to be a quality big. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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