8 Reasons Being In A Playgroup Significantly Enhanced Your Life

1. There was always someone to play with.

If you were bored, there was always someone your mom could schedule a playdate with. If someone pissed you off because they stole your Etch-A-Sketch, you could always find a new pal to play Legos with. (The big ones though, so you wouldn’t stick it in your mouth and accidentally choke.)

2. Instead of one family, you had four (or five, or six).

You always had a friend, a ride, a parent over your shoulder. Playgroup dinners were always dysfunctional, and always included: a missing pair of shoes, a spilt liquid, and at LEAST two crying children.

3. You always had the latest toys.

If you didn’t have the latest Hot Wheels racetrack, or Mario Party video game, someone else did. Which basically meant it was yours.

4. Your parents were best friends, so you always had best friends.

Unless something REALLY bad happened, your parents were staying friends. Which meant you always had a close knit of friends. Which also meant when your parents got drunk, you had people to make fun of them with.

5. Boy-girl sleepovers were permitted by your parents.

Just the THOUGHT of kissing someone from kissing someone on the cheek gives you the heebie-jeebies. Ew.

6. You learned how to defend yourself.

Fighting with them was like fighting with a brother or sister. It’s not always acceptable to wrestle your friends, but you could dropkick them in a heartbeat. They knew how to push your buttons, but you could push theirs back (10 times harder). You also knew these “fights” lasted about 10 minutes, which was good practice for drama in the real world.

7. You “knew people from different schools.”

You looked cool for knowing people in other towns. Little do your classmates know that you didn’t meet them at a concert or a party, but rather, at a Mommy and Me class. You’ve known these dorks since diapers, and they’re not as “cool” as they seem.

8. You’ve watched each other grow up.

You’ve been through the awful “hoops and choker” phase, puberty, the first relationships, the stress of applying to college, and everything in between- and still managed to stay friends. It’s just a matter of time until you’re all at each other’s weddings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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