6 Unwritten Group Text Rules

1. Do not create group chats with people who do not know each other.

Creating a group message with people who don’t know each other just calls for awkward “Who is 555-1824?” separate texts, hence defeating the purpose of a group text. Random numbers often lead to stomach drops (due to the fact that it may be an ex bf/hook up whose number was previously deleted), so do your friends a favor and only start them with mutual friends.

2. Group texts are not designed for over 6 people.

The phrase “the more, the merrier” does NOT apply to group messaging. Large numbers of participants in group texts lead to a drained battery and a frozen phone- two things that are almost as awful as finding out your favorite sushi joint was shut down. ALMOST.

3. Emojis MUST be utilized.

Emojis can help a sassy text seem less rude, and let your friends know your current facial expression. You can even let emojis say the unspoken, such crowning a certain emoji another word for the girl who stole your ex. You can use the fist emoji to say, “I’m in!” when making plans, or make a useless emoji (such as, the banana) to mean “too far”, without saying that someone has ultimately crossed a line. Overall, they make texting more fun and say things you don’t always feel like typing.

4. What is written in the group text, stays in the group text.

Screw “treat others the way YOU want to be treated”- THIS is the golden rule. iPhone users should know that the blue and white bubbles are bubbles for a reason- what is written in them should NOT be repeated outside. This includes grades, hookups, and of course, the screenshots of tweets you and your friends are making fun of because they are so damn stupid. Take your fingers off of the home and power button, that gossip isn’t going anywhere.

5. Don’t always expect an answer.

The great thing about group texts is that you can write any stupid shit you want. However, answers are not always necessary. The group text is an awesome way to escape awkward run-ins and pretend that you have friends, but if you’re writing something pointless, you probably won’t get an answer. Just deal with it.

6. Realize that you wILL miss information.

On those days where you just feel like going to bed at 7PM, realize that those 70 messages you will wake up to are just not worth it. Big plans are usually made in under 10 texts, and if it’s that important to you, ask a friend in the text to summarize. If there’s that many missed texts, be grateful, because you probably just missed a stupid conversation, or a blowout fight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – BobMical

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