Life Will Fuck You

Life Will Fuck You
Ian Dooley

Life will fuck you in more ways than one

Life will fuck you and break your heart
And bring you to your knees
In a pool of sorrow
Asking why
Why me
Why now
How did I get here

It will leave you answer-less
It will leave you in silence
It will leave you alone just long enough to bask in a space that is beyond words
Beyond reason
Beyond logic

Life will give you questions that can’t be answered
Situations that can’t be explained

It will cause you to be faithless

It will lead you to ask questions
The big questions

What is this?
For what grander purpose?

And that is when it will happen

That is when through the pain and the sorrow and the heartache
You will be left with nothing

Nothing except truth

The truth of what life means
To you
The truth of what matters
To you

Because that’s the thing

There isn’t one answer
One sole purpose
One reason for being here

It’s rarely walking through the park
On a sunny day
Looking at flowers
We find meaning

It’s when life fucks us
It’s when all else falls away and we are left alone

We can’t think our way to it or through it

It is only sensed

Life will fuck you
In more ways than one

It will bring you to your knees
You will question everything

As painful as it can be
There’s good medicine embedded within it

Those moments will be the catalyst to finding your values
And anchoring in

Welcoming the most honest
And real part of yourself home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Alexa is a yoga teacher, writer and naturopathic medical student in Canada.

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