Rejection Doesn’t Get To Tell You You’re Not Good Enough

Rejection is never an easy setback to overcome. With each setback you encounter, you try hard to anticipate the outcome across every “end scene” in your life in order to protect yourself from getting hurt all over again.


It’s obvious. Rejection; the hurt and emptiness that consumes you when you least expect it.

Sometimes it’s not even fully expressed or communicated through words, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult because at the end of the day, you know what the unspoken words are, and you know what they mean. Four words; four heavy and unsettling words that have never left your heart, that have been engraved in the back of your mind since the very beginning. Four words that have left a bruise on your heart and an ache in your chest for years – “You’re not good enough.”

No one likes to suffer through the emotional roller coaster that follows rejection. No one even likes the idea of rejection because it ultimately makes it a hell of a lot more difficult for you to let your guard down; to let someone or something in.


Because of the hurt and emptiness that consumes you when you least expect it. Because if you allow yourself to hear it one too many times, eventually you start believing it: “You’re not good enough.”

But you know what? There is a silver lining to rejection, and it’s something so simple, yet so commonly overlooked. There are always two roads, two directions, to take when life hands you a setback. You can choose the road that will ultimately force you to give in to the words, opinions, and disappointment that is rejection. Or you can choose the high road, the road that encourages you to keep your chin up and your head held high, to be your own backbone, and to stare rejection in the face to finally say out loud what you know deep in your heart to be true:

“I AM good enough.”

You may have broken pieces that still need time to heal and mend, and that’s more than okay. Because even if you don’t know it now at this moment, your brokenness, your disappointment, might just be the one thing that saves you. Your brokenness, your disappointment, might just be the driving force that allows you to take the reins and tackle life’s greatest challenges head-on.

You don’t have to continue to live a life of worry, hurt, or disappointment because of the unanticipated outcomes and emotions brought on by rejection. Instead, use rejection as your comeback story. Use rejection’s wounds to fight back stronger and harder. Look rejection in the eye and smile your biggest, happiest, most “fuck you” worthy smile, because what rejection doesn’t know, what rejection sure as hell doesn’t realize, is how worthy you are. How more than enough you are. How more than enough you will always be.

So if you ask me, no, rejection doesn’t get to tell you you’re not good enough. Because even if you don’t know it right now at this moment, you are enough; you will always be more than enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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